(Week Number:1-13)

Weekwise Syllabus:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13








Familiarization with the Institute, importance of trade training machinery used in the trade type of work done by trainees, in the institute, types of jobs made by the trainees in the trade. Introduction to safety including fire fighting equipment and their uses etc.

Importance of safety and general precautions observed in the institute and in section. Importance of industrial economy of the country. What is related instructions subjects to be taught achievement to make. Recreational medical facilities and other extra curricular activities of the institute ( all necessary guidance to be provided to the new comers to become familiar with working of Industrial training Institute system including store procedures etc.)



Identification Of different hand tools and use of fitters hand tools.

Safety precautions , description of hand tools care and maintenance and material from which they are made.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal and their identification by different methods.

Free hand sketching of straight line rectangles, square, circles, polygon etc.

Applied workshop problems involving multiplication and division common fractions, additions, subtractions, multiplication and division application fraction to solve problems.


Marking chipping

Safety precautions, description of hand tools , care & maintenance and material from which they are made.

Free hand sketching with dimension scale and proportionate sketching. Geometrical construction for marking.

Properties and use of cast iron plain carbon steel high speed steel and alloy steel.


Grinding of chisels hacksawing measuring different types of jobs by steel rule caliper etc.

Theory of semi precision instruments.

Reading at simple blue prints.

Allied works shop problems as in week no. 2


Drilling, reaming tapping and threading with dies.

Relation between drill & tap sizes care of taps and dies and their correct use.


Properties and uses of copper zinc lead tin aluminum brass bronze solder bearing metals timber and rubber plastic fiber glass and thermocole.


Drilling different sizes of holes by hand and machine use of screw drivers spanners pliers etc. Simple fitting.

Brief description of drilling machine use and care.

Sketching of view of simple solids as mentioned above when viewed perpendicular.

Brief description of manufacturing process of pig iron and cast iron.


Filing practices simple fitting.

Heat treatment of metals and its importance various methods of head treatment such as hardening tempering normalizing etc.

To their surfaces and axes.



Centre lathe and setting of jobs and tools grinding of lathe tools of various angles on M.S. shank.

Brief description of a centre lathe its use.


Reduction of common fractions to decimal fractions shop problems.


Parallel turning taper and turning and boring

Lathe tools and their uses taper and its types and problems on taper


Properties of metals physical chemical and mechanical.


Cutting Morse taper on lathe.

Taper turning methods and problems.

Freehand sketching of nuts bolts with dimensions from samples.

Metric system metric weights and measurements unit conversion factors.


Simple screw cutting ( external & internal)

Method of screw cutting simple calculation. Tap size drill size & vice versa.

Free hand sketching of rivets and washer with dimensions from samples



Cutting vee threads on gear shaft.

Thread and its element types

Free hand sketching of keys and screw threads with dimension from samples.

Shop problems on metric system of weight and measurement.


Simple turning according to the blue print.

Various operations per formed on lathe accuracy etc.


Effect of alloying elements on properties of cast iron & steel.